29 Dec

The Attainable You


Ever wonder why you wonder why? What is it inside that doesn’t already know what itself is? And at what point did it become disconnected from the part of it that’s questioning itself right now? More importantly…why do we speak in 3rd person singular when looking at it? If this sounds like one big “HUH?” to you…ask yourself why. Everything else in existence seems to know itself and its purpose pretty well. Most, if not all animals have an instinct or a sense that keeps them alive and helps them survive what the “civilized” world calls the wild. Ever seen a lion confuse itself with a cow; A daffodil with a rose bush? Even the insects seem to have knowledge of order that man is yet to possess. Ever seen an ant in an institution? LOL maybe you did…but believe that he was on a mission for Queen and colony…and wasn’t out just tryin to pick up chicks.

 The message is this… you already know what it is, but just as if some readers may have been waiting for me to give it to them…others had already summed up the information and made an educated guess. Yet others may have assumed from the first line what it was. However, all 3 remain lost in the writers’ mental abyss. For to guess…be it educated or not…still infers doubt. We all know how the other end of assumptions comes out. To wait means to let moments pass…perhaps with the thought of, but still not the action of ever finding out why.

 Why am I giving you a message? Who am I? Am I just some 80’s hip hop hippie guy tryin to feed his need to continuously write rhymes? Perhaps…however, for now, until I too am waxed wise just call me…alive. Isn’t it funny how ‘live’ spelled backwards is EVIL…oh the ever cunning connections in the English dialect? Makes you wonder what some people are really saying when they are talking to you. What is this energy that you pick up? What is the inbox alert that goes off in our heads telling us beware of what we may be listening to and hear.

 When some people don’t…why do you care? What is the urge you have within you to make things better…to help everyone…and make sure that people that you don’t even know are alright? When others could careless if we all lived or died? What is this separation between who you are…what you are…and yourself?  There’s one thing that is for sure…you can’t blame anyone else.

 To attain means to gain by progression…to achieve through process of time. So my question to you is…when did you lose your mind? Was it the first time someone told you how to sit? How to eat…act and behave? Was it the first time you learned of your ancestry, be it slaves or the oppressor enslaved? Was it the first time you sat classified in a room graded and degraded in a uniformed school? Or was it the first time you looked in the mirror and saw how beautiful you are and compared yourself to a star? Wow…If you had only chosen the ones in disguise/the skies…you would have been closer to the true light than ever televised.

 So the message is why? Why ask why when you know what you know? Everything communicates with its own. Along the path there will be chosen yet few…all in a race for…the attainable you.

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27 Dec

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